155th PA Vol. Inf.
Uniform Information

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Download the Full Equipment List for Company "B"

Listed below is a very basic equipment list for our unit, the full list is available by click the link above, or by emailing us. The list below will get you started.

Standard Enlisted Union Kit
Dark Blue Sack Coat or Dark Blue Frock/Dress Coat
Light Blue Federal Trousers with braces
Dark Blue Enlisted Men's Vest
Forge Cap
Military/Civilin's Felt Hat
Period Underwear (optional)
White or Checkered collared shirt
Wool/Cotton  Socks, Brogans
155th Zouave Kit (Enlisted)
155th PA Zouave Jacket
M1860 French Blue Chasseur Trousers
10 or 8 inch wide, 10 foot long Red Sash with yellow trimimng
Standard dark Blue Vest (optional)
Red Fez with a Dark Blue Tassel & White Turban 10x10  (turban is optional)
White Canvas Button Gaitors
White or Checkered collared shirt
Wool/Cotton  Socks, Brogans
Period Underwear (Optional)
Accoutrements (Both 62-63 & 64-65 Impression)
Belt with US Belt Buckle
Cartridge Box with US Plate (tins optional) (Leather sling for 62-63 Impression)
Tarred Haversack
Springfield Scabbard
Cap Box
M1858 Smoothside Canteen
Weapon Kit
Harper's Ferry Rifle (62-63 Impression)
3 Band 1861 Springfield with Bayonet (July '63 - June '65 Impression)
Rifle Cleaning Kit
Camping Kit
Dog/Pup Tent (2 Halves)
Tent Poles (tree branches, not 2x4's) 2 "Y" Poles, 1 long Center Pole or Pre-Made Period Wood Poles
Wool Blanket
Ground Cloth/Gum Blanket
Tin Plate / Cup / Spoon, Knife, Fork Set
Lantern (optional)
Other Items (optional)
M1855 Double Bag Knapsack
Great Coat
Pocket Watch
Brasso / Metal Polisher
Any other Period Personal Items

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