155th PA Vol. Inf.
About Us

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About the Reenactors of Co. B, 155th Reg P.V.

The 155th PA, "Co. B" Re-enactors is a campaigner - living history group, proud membes of Vincent's Brigade,  & The United States Zouave Battalion. We do events with our friends the 114th PA & the 138th PA. This group’s primary purpose is to promote the history and knowledge of the 155th. We Do both the Blue 1862-63 & the Zouave Impression of the 155th. We strive to be free of the politics that plague the re-enacting hobby, we have no membership dues, no probationary period & work to keep things fun. As stated, We are a campaigner unit, meaning we do events that most mainstream units wouldn't. We use minimum tentage, and carry our supplies on our backs. Just as it would have been for the guys we represent. If you are a harden veteran or brand new to the hobby you will be on level ground within this group. Be it in a library doing research or out on the battlefield or even just walking down a street in uniform. We will do our best to create a lasting, eclectic, friendly group of true comrades in arms. So join us today.

If you have any questions, want more information or if you are interested in joining contact us at: join@155thpvi.com or pogue303@yahoo.com

How to Join

-Look over the website, and think it over.

-Email us at join@155thpvi.com

-Start getting your uniform & equipment together. (Either standard union attire or the 155th Zouave attire are acceptable)

-Once you get everything together, we’ll take care of the rest, it's that easy