155th PA Vol. Inf.

Rededication 09/17/05

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All that was, will be again


Statue till 2005

The Restored Monument 2005

Courtesy: GNMP Archives (NPS)
155th PA Group Shot 1889 Rededication

For nearly 30 years the Monument ererected by the Veterens of the 155th PVI has layed damaged. For almost 87 years it stood proudly near the summit of Little Round Top in the Battlefield at Gettysburg, untouched, with a front row seat as the ground, and indeed the world, changed around it. Originaly erected by money surviviors and friends of the 155th in 1886, it was rededicated in 1889 with the addition of the Zouave Statue, with funds provided to regiments who fought at Gettysburg by the State of Pennsylvania. The statue, bearing the likeness of Samuel W. Hill, is of soldier drawing his ramrod, with the left hand holding the rifle, and the right drawing the rod with his thumb & index finger. However, since 1976 visitors have seen a missing right hand, left thumb, and top of his rifle, remaining parts of which have been in curatonal storage of the National Park Service. A few years ago a project under the name of The Pennsylvaina Gettysburg Monuments Project speerheaded by Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny was started to fund and to execute those funds to restore the 146 PA Monuments at Gettysburg. Various people, including descendants have donated money to help restore the 155th PA's Monument to its full glory, by June 2005, the long journey will have come to an end. The monument's restoration, which will have cost just over $7000.00 USD, which includes fixing the missing parts, also deals with repointing (masonary work), cleaning, waxing, was all completed in 2003-2004. All work has been done by the NPS Monument Restoration under Ranger Vic Gavin.
Descendants & Friends of the 155th will be rededicating the Monument on Saturday September 17th 2005, with a march starting at 12:30 in Ziegler's Grove, and Rededication Ceremony starting at 1:30 on Little Round Top.

2005 Rededication Ribbons